Wesley Uniting Church

in Forrest, ACT

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    You may be new to Canberra, or searching for a spiritual home; you may be seeking answers to some of your life-questions, or simply looking for companions. Whatever brings you to Wesley you are welcome. God has a purpose for you and invites you to share your life and your gifts with the rest of God's people.

    Please feel free to attend worship and share in the life of our community whether you are a member or not. We would like to give you a name badge to help us get to know you, and we''d like your address to send you information about our programs, but that's entirely your choice.

    If you'd like to become a member at Wesley just speak to a Minister or write a note to the office. Baptism and Confirmation are celebrations of membership if you are new to the Church. If you have been a member at another Church you may wish to transfer your membership.

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    Worship with us



    Worship is our first priority and our greatest joy

    At Wesley we place our best efforts into providing worship that is nourishing and uplifting, with music and preaching of the highest calibre. We hope all people will leave our worship services encouraged in their journey of faith, and challenged to serve God each and every day.

  • Wesley Wayfarers

    Wesley Wayfarers meet on the second Sunday afternoon of each month to consider various matters of Christian faith from a progressive perspective. Progressive theology is an approach that seeks to understand the real, underlying meaning of scripture as distinct from what might appear to be its meaning from a simple literal reading of it. Click here to read more ...

    Wesley Faith Frontier Forum

    The Wesley Faith Frontier Forums seek to reinvigorate our Christian faith with fresh meaning for today's world, and to deepen our individual spirituality. The group meets for periods of study and exploration on Sunday afternoons.The sessions are open to everyone. You are especially encouraged to attend if you are thinking about confirmation. Enquiries can be made at the office about our next series. Click here to read more ...

  • Planned Giving Program

    Stewardship - Planned Giving Programmes

    Wesley congregation of Canberra Central Parish is a growing, vibrant and richly blessed community with a heritage of first-rate worship, excellent facilities, caring community service and wonderful music. We have achieved this through the faithful stewardship of many generations of God's people. The majority of the funds we receive to support the ongoing mission of our ever-widening Church community are those so generously contributed by our members through their giving, to either the Open Plate Offerings or by pledging as part of our Stewardship or Regular Planned Giving Programme. Click here to read more ...

  • Social Justice

    Social Justice

    The Service and Social Justice Mission Team was formed to bring together and coordinate the disparate interests and resources of our congregations, providing a forum for exchanging ideas, and a central facility for accessing resources.

    Our Mission: The Uniting Church seeks to bring God’s vision of a reconciled world into the present, to reflect God’s love for everyone, work for justice and peace and follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught what it means to love your neighbour and your enemy, called on his disciples to heal the sick and give to the poor, and challenged the systems and structures of oppression in his society. In all of this, we are called to act with integrity, ensuring that our words and our deeds are aligned. Click here to read more ...