Worship at Wesley

Wesley Uniting Church

in Forrest, ACT

Worship at Wesley

Music Centre Side The Church Itself The Admin & Foyer entrance

The Wesley congregation currently worships Sundays at 10am and via Zoom. 

Please download your Orders of Service here   

 The Wesley Congregation preCOVID gathered for worship every Sunday:

Contemporary Family Worship at 9.00am

Our first service has an informal, family oriented feel. We use songs and choruses led by the piano and guitar (as well as violin, bass recorder, and more…) Members of the congregation are always involved in assisting to lead worship. There is a special children's program each week, and at least once a term the whole service in planned around children's involvement.  

Traditional Family Worship at 10.30am

In our second service we draw on the rich heritage and resources of the Church in worship. Our Wesley Choir and the Wesley organ lead our singing of hymns. Our prayers and preaching are focused on the international lectionary readings for the week. The audio stream from this service is available on the internet at www.tinyurl.com/wesleycanberra. Sermons available via our Parish Office.