Wesley Uniting Church

in Forrest, ACT

Role of Elders

The role of Elders in the Uniting Church is stated in the Constitution and Regulations of the Uniting Church as a ministry of “spiritual oversight” which may be “exercised in pastoral visitation, teaching, encouraging members of the Congregation to share in mission, and assisting the Minister in leadership of worship and administration of the sacraments and other areas in the life of the Congregation”.

The Elders in this parish have these specific responsibilities:

1. Exercise spiritual oversight of the life of our congregations and encourage the spiritual formation of church members.

2. Oversee our processes of recruitment, welcome and inclusion of new church members.

3. Assist the ministers in the oversight of our worship and sacramental life.

4. Administer the membership rolls.

5. Take decisions on requests for baptism, confirmation and transfers of membership.

6. Ensure pastoral care is provided for church members. Elders accept a pastoral role which is exercised through getting to know several church members allocated to them and keeping in touch with them.

7. Encourage church members to be involved in the church’s mission.

8. Meet together with the ministers and fellow elders as required during the year.


Wesley Elders as at 3 March 2022

Susan Akhurst

Tarlie Alcock

Lorraine Billingham

Corinne Bruen

Marion Gilmour-Temu

Heather Hart

Robert Henderson (Chair)

Robert James

Adele Jurd

Tanya Mowbray

Glenda McDowall

Brenda Neal

Phil O’Brien

Nancy Opdyke (Secretary)

Helen Palmer

Kathie Potts

Elizabeth Richardson

Jan Sismey

Ann Sutton

Tharu Tayshetye

Deveni Temu




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