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From the Three Graces to the Gundungurra dreaming story of the Three Sisters, trios of women have long symbolised fate, femininity, and the supernatural.  The Norse have the Norns and the Fatal Sisters. Hinduism has the Tridevi. Classical mythology has the Moirai, the Fates, and the Furies, and the Graces and the Muses, Seers and Sirens. Across cultures and centuries, women in threes bewitch and beguile, and whether they appear as girls, goddesses, or ghosts, music is never far too from the female trio. The Sirens lured sailors with their song. Shakespeare’s Weird Sisters chant their curse. While the Three Graces are more oft depicted in dance, the Muses gather around Apollo’s lyre in song.  In paintings like Paolo Veronese’s Allegory of Music, we see three women playing gamba, plucking a lute, and singing.

In Renaissance Italy trios of singing women are to be found in the courts as much as on the canvases.  One of the most sought-after ensembles of the late Italian renaissance was the Concerto Delle Donne in the court of Ferrera - a trio of virtuosic female singers who were renowned for their virtuosity.