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Wesley Music Centre

22 National Circuit, Forrest ACT 2603


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The Future

The aim in all this is to move ahead as resources and circumstances permit and as the Spirit guides.

A lot has changed since 1930 and much since 1955 and 1977. It has been necessary to see change as an opportunity to move in new directions. We are conscious of the fact that to develop and maintain any worthwhile program one must have a great deal of dedication and interest from many people with strong support from ministers, church councillors and others in the wider community. Fortunately that support has been there and continues to be there to enable the work to bear good fruit for the great mission of the church.

The Wesley Music Centre regularly emails its calendar of events, usually for a period ahead of 2 to 3 months, as well as media releases and invitations to those who wish to be on the distribution list (recipients are undisclosed). The latest calendar and other information on events is here.