Wesley Uniting Church

in Forrest, ACT


Sarah's Sermon 12 December 2021

Geoff's Sermon 12 December 2021

Geoff's Sermon 5 December 2021

Geoff's Sermon 28 November 2021

Geoff's Sermon 21 November 2021

Sarah's Sermon 11 November 2021

Geoff's Sermon 7 November 2021

Geoff's Sermon 24 October 2021

Ann's Sermon 10 October 2021

Geoff's Sermon 3 October 2021

Geoff's Sermon 26 September 2021

Sarah's Sermon 19 September 2021

Sarah's Sermon 12 September 2021

Geoff's Sermon 5 September 2021

Sarah's Sermon 29 August 2021

Geoff's Sermon 22 August 2021

Sarah's Sermon 15 August 2021

Geoff's Sermon 8 August 2021

Sarah's Sermon 1 August 2021

Andrew's Sermon 11 July 2021

Sarah's Sermon 11 July 2021

Sarah's Sermon 27 June 2021

Sarah's Sermon 20 June 2021

Geoff's Homily 13 June 2021

Geoff's Homily 6 June 2021

Sarah's Sermon "The dance of three as one" 30 May 2021

Sarah's Sermon "Abide with Jesus, or, Courageous Love" 2 May 2021

Geoff's Homily 30 April 2021

Geoff's Sermon 30 April 2021

Elizabeth's Sermon "Easter 2" 11 April 2021

Geoff's Sermon "Imitating Whom and What?" 28 March 2021

Bruce's Sermon "Why do I believe in God? Why the God of Jesus?" 21 March 2021

Sarah's Sermon "Finding love, living love, that builds each other up" 31 January 2021

Ann's Sermon "Obedience" 24 January 2021

Sarah's Sermon "When God Calls" 17 January 2021

Apelu's Sermon "Change is integral to life – the old year is ending and the new year is about to begin" 27 December 2020

Apelu's Sermon "Christmas is about families, our ancestors, and the baby that connects all of us to God" 25 December 2020

Sarah's Sermon "Promises" 20 December 2020

Apelu's Sermon "The world and life ..." 13 December 2020

Sarah's Sermon "Peace, the Light within Darkness." 6 December 2020

Sarah's Sermon "Light born into the dark." 29 November 2020

Apelu's Sermon "Jesus Christ, our heavenly and merciful King ." 22 November 2020

Ann Sutton's Sermon "Commitment and light ." 8 November 2020

Robert Henderson's Sermon "We are the ones." 1 November 2020

Apelu's Sermon "God’s law is about building abiding and loving relationships with God and with others." 25 October 2020

Andrew's Sermon "Render unto Caesar." 18 October 2020

Apelu's Sermon "Leadership in times of crisis: experience has shown that crisis often reveals real leaders and shows up the true leadership qualities that are in all of us." 11 October 2020

Apelu's Sermon "How we use any authority that we have matters. From Jesus’ perspective, authority should always be used within the context of love and compassion." 27 September 2020

Apelu's Sermon "The economy of, and economics in, God’s kingdom – a system that is based on abundance and generosity, and not on scarcity and merit" 20 September 2020

Bruce Stevens's Sermon "Imperfect Love 2 Parents and Children" 13 September 2020

Apelu's Sermon "Remember and Remembrance" 6 September 2020

Bruce Stevens's Sermon "Imperfect Love Sermon Series 1" 30 August 2020

Apelu's Sermon "Compassion - Love of a mother, love of a brother and love of God" 16 August 2020

Apelu's Sermon "The miracle of broken bread and transformed and shared lives" 02 August 2020

Apelu's Sermon "The kingdom of God, according to Jesus" 26 July 2020

Apelu's Sermon "We are all different, but we were all created in the holy image of God. So be accepting of each and recognise the Christ that is in all of us" 19 July 2020

Apelu's Sermon "A journey into the wonderful and weird world of Jesus of Nazareth" 12 July 2020

Apelu's Sermon "Decolonising the Bible, for our past understanding continues to shape our present worldview – how we see life, God, Jesus, the church, us and others" 05 July 2020



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