Planned Giving

Wesley Uniting Church

in Forrest, ACT

Stewardship / Regular Planned Giving Programme

Wesley Church, Canberra Central Parish, is a growing, vibrant and richly blessed community with a heritage of first-rate worship, excellent facilities, caring community service and wonderful music. We have achieved this through the faithful stewardship of many generations of God's people. The majority of the funds we receive to support the ongoing mission of our ever-widening Church community are those so generously contributed by our members through their giving, to either the Open Plate Offerings or by pledging as part of our Stewardship or Regular Planned Giving Programme.

A Stewardship pledge greatly helps our Joint Church Council to plan and budget how we meet not only the immediate and future needs of our congregations, but also our contributions to the wider work of the Church and the needs of those in less fortunate circumstances than our own. We invite and encourage our members to make such a pledge. Our Stewardship Recorder can help you keep track of your pledge, either by issuing you with a set of dated and numbered envelopes or by creating a regular Direct Debit transfer from your bank account to the Church's account. Both options can be for giving intervals of your choosing. For administrative workload and cost efficiency reasons, the church prefers the Direct Debit method of giving.

With the numbered envelopes, you place them in the offering plate during the worship services. If you have chosen the Direct Debit transfer you may like to place a "I Give by Direct Debit" card in the offering plate - these cards are available from the Stewards.

The Stewardship Programme is strictly confidential and only the Stewardship Recorder knows your individual commitment.

About half of our congregation's households participate in the Stewardship Programme. They contribute around $250,000 each year by this method. We encourage everyone to consider joining this programme.

If convenient, the Stewardship Recorder would be happy to contact you to fully explain the programme, answer any questions and supply some information materials. If you would like to pursue these arrangements please leave your details with the Church Office or a Minister, and the Stewardship Recorder will contact you.

See the Planned Giving 2018 Poster here.