Solar installation

Wesley and St Aidan’s Uniting Church

Canberra Central Parish

in Forrest and Narabundah

 10/06/2010 Letter about solar panels from Gordon Ramsey, Presbytery Chairman

TO: churches in and near Canberra

Subject: Message to Churches - Faith Groups Solar Bulk Buy

I urge you to promote the involvement of people within the Presbytery in the Canberra-based Faith Groups Solar Bulk Buy, first proposed by SEE-Change, because there is an underlying benefit for groups to form and pool their individual interest. In short, for every 30 systems organised by Presbytery, the preferred supplier will provide one 1.5kW solar grid power system to an eligible community project nominated by Presbytery. As things currently stand, the Presbytery is likely to have 60, or possibly 90 or 120 systems. Please also involve friends, family, community groups, etc, and churches, with this well-priced bulk buy, and they can count to the group total. The offer is open until 30 June 2010.

Apart from obvious environmental benefits, grid-connected solar electric systems return a financial benefit to the owner through the difference between the higher "Feed In Tariff" and the lower domestic consumption rate we pay for electricity. The tariff pay-back period is about 4-6 years. Various government benefits can also be accessed including the Green Loan (4 years interest free, up to $10,000).

Please see the extensive information available on the Presbytery web site and contact the organiser, Peter Ellis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 6254 0262, to get further information or express your interest.

Gordon Ramsay

Presbytery Chairman